• A tale of master waxworkers...

    The best stories are told in the past tense, and usually open with "Once upon a time...". But our story is a wonderful one because it is being written in the present, having begun almost 100 years ago. Yet we’re not nostalgic for the olden days– not in the least!

    Today we are guided by the very same passions as when we first started out - elegance, beauty, travels, scents, encounters and high quality.

    The founders – the Denis family – are bound by French tradition, characterised by sophistication, high standards and exceptional quality.

    This is why our products are made in France. We also have a policy of continuously improving our production tools, because we know that in doing so, we can continue to offer you collections of unique and original candles.

    Industrial efficiency has replaced the traditional craftsmanship of old, but it has merely served to strengthen and enrich our expertise and know-how. And we're proud of that.

  • .. and master perfumers

    The story of our collaboration with perfumers from Grasse is something of a fairytale. Together we have developed a range of products which serve as a bridge between body and mind and speak to all the senses.

    We create scents which find their roots in the major olfactory families of haute parfumerie. The fragrances found in our candles have the same form as major perfumes, and are supported by three key notes: the head note, heart note and base note.