fragrance VANILLA

    Discovery of this large and wild island in the Indian Ocean gives us the best of tasty and sugary vanilla.


    fragrance SENSUAL VANILLA

    The Seychelles immediately bring to mind dream beaches and pink granite. Discover powdered and musk-scented vanilla based on iris for a highly cosmetic effect.


    fragrance ENGLISH ROSE

    On a typically British island: English elegance and class; discover a flowery note based on roses.


    fragrance CEYLAN SPICES

    Sri Lanka brings to mind its spice gardens, its beaches lined with coconut trees and its superb tea plantations, which undulate to infinity on the mountainsides. Discover a spicy tone with an Indian accent.


    fragrance EXOTIC GRENADINE

    The paradisiacal islands of the Grenadines and their beaches of fine sand. Nothing like a deliciously-sugared grenadine cocktail to quench your thirst!


    fragrance PATCHOULI

    An island with a damp climate and luxurious vegetation. Discover an ethnic tone based on Patchouli, a key ingredient in perfumery.


    fragrance EMERALD SEA

    A stopover in this magnificent archipelago lost in the Pacific where emerald green dominates. The Emerald Sea fragrance is a fresh tone against a wooded background.


    fragrance SUNNY FRUIT

    Laziness and languor under the Caribbean sunshine. Sunny Fruit is a sensuous and juicy fragrance of mango, peach and exotic fruits.


  • CUBA
    fragrance HAVANA NIGHT

    Plunge into the world of Havana, with its colours, scents and the authentic ambience of the night life in the jazz clubs. Havana night, a rather masculine tone of tobacco against a background of chocolate.


    fragrance ISLE OF CITRUS

    This sumptuous Polynesian Archipelago is also known as the Isle of Lemons. Relax yourself with a very tangy citrus fragrance.


    fragrance HAWAÏ LAGOON

    The iconic destination for surfers in its turquoise and warm waters. Hawaii lagoon brings to mind the Monoi: a bewitching fragrance evoking suntanned skin.